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Mobile Lockers For Any Outdoor Event!!




  • CONVENIENCE -  Not having to store belongings in a car or carry them with you!!


  • PRICE -  From $5 to $25 (event dependent)


  • ACCESS - You can store your belongings and access them at any time!


  • LOCKED -  Some racing events provide for point-to-point bag storage.  However, your belongings are not locked and often lost or misplaced. With The Locker House, you get a key, select your locker, store your items and enjoy the day because we'll be waiting for you with your gear, at the finish line!


  • PORTABLE-  The lockers are mounted in our custom vehicle so they can go from start-to-finish for those point-to-point racing events or deploy quickly to & from any festival, fair or event. 

  • Changing room  - Priceless!!


The Locker House - Mobile Lockers for All Events
We bring new, cool, safe and secure Lockers & a Changing Room
to Fairs, Festivals & Events

Giving Back - As a disabled vet, and in an effort to give back, I want to donate a portion of The Locker House's profits to disabled Vet/First responder foundations and provide totally free locker services to disabled responders/ participants in support of Vet rehabilitation efforts.  

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