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Mobile Lockers For Any Outdoor Event!!




  • CONVENIENCE -  Not having to store belongings in a car or carry them with you!!


  • PRICE -  From $5 to $25 (event dependent)


  • ACCESS - You can store your belongings and access them at any time!


  • LOCKED -  Some racing events provide for point-to-point bag storage.  However, your belongings are not locked and often lost or misplaced. With The Locker House, you get a key, select your locker, store your items and enjoy the day because we'll be waiting for you with your gear, at the finish line!


  • PORTABLE-  The lockers are mounted in our custom vehicle so they can go from start-to-finish for those point-to-point racing events or deploy quickly to & from any festival, fair or event. 

  • Changing room  - Priceless!!


We bring new, cool, safe and secure Lockers & a Changing Room
to Fairs, Festivals & Events

About our lockers:  Attendees do not like leaving the event to take items back to their car (often parked on the 'back forty') with little or no security and a big safety concern for women.  Sporting/music/fair/festival venues are really focused on security in today's' political environment. Accordingly, purses and backpacks are often searched prior to entry, resulting in long lines, frustrated guests, and no place to store anything - so items must be confiscated or thrown away.  Here is how we help you to enjoy the event, worry free:

Our XL Lockers (yellow) are great for two or more people with ‘lots of stuff’ between them!  Three or more backpacks should neatly fit inside to keep your items clean, dry, and safe.  Easily accessible by everyone storing their ‘stuff’ in the locker – a great way to feel free and enjoy the event without any worries about your gear.

The Large Lockers (blue) OUR MOST POPULAR LOCKERS effortlessly store two large backpacks and all the items in them.  Again, these large lockers will keep everything dry and still be accessible throughout the event. A great 'add' to keep you items safe while you race, work, party, drink or even dance in the rain.


Our Medium Lockers (green) are designed for keeping small backpacks, clothes, hats and valuables all within easy reach during your time at the event.  Just a great ‘insurance policy’ to keep everything safe!


The Smallest Locker of our lockers (pink) are great for ease of access, storing keys, wallets, cell phones.  Get four or more individuals to go in on a small locker and save even more $$.

The Locker House - Mobile Lockers for All Events
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Giving Back - As a disabled vet, and in an effort to give back, I want to donate a portion of The Locker House's profits to disabled Vet/First responder foundations and provide totally free locker services to disabled responders/ participants in support of Vet rehabilitation efforts.