• Princess DeliveryExpress, LLC, dba “The Locker House” is a debt-free, Texas Limited Liability Company, started in 2002. The Locker House is a disabled, veteran-owned and insured, Texas-based company providing mobile locker storage and a changing room to Fairs, Festivals and Events.  What we believe:

  • "That your 'stuff' should be secure - everywhere - from thieves, pickpockets and generally not-nice-people.  By way of our mobile locker services and event sponsorships, we provide secure lockers within our niche markets of  events - fairs - festivals.

  • The Future - As we grow, it is our desire to hire disabled vets to grow with us.  We would also like to partner with regional and/or nationally held events on a long term basis in a mutual support effort.


  • Experienced in the festival, fair and event business since 2011, The Locker House has developed a portable locker storage system that offers quick setup, professional operation and rapid deployment. 


  • The Lock - Master Lock and Key - the most popular lock on the market with a 1.25 inch steel shackle ALL INDIVIDUALLY KEYED - NO DUPLICATES!!.


The Locker House - the answer to safe-keeping your belongings at events.


  • Sporting/music/fair/festival venues are very focused on security in today's' political environment. Accordingly, purses and backpacks are searched prior to entry, often resulting in long lines, frustrated guests and no place to store anything, so items must be confiscated or thrown away.


  • During outdoor events such as bicycling, marathons and other foot races, the participants often hide items before and during the race, only to find them missing when they return - not cool.


  • Attendees do not like leaving the event to take items to the car (often parked on the 'back forty') with little or no security.


  • We are a fully turnkey solution.


  • Texas' first secure and safe mobile locker solution for any event, anywhere, anytime, any weather.


  • We offer safe and secure lockers for all festivals, fairs, events, sporting activities, music festivals and roadshows. That's to insure your personal items stay safe while you race, work, party, drink or even dance in the rain.


  • Lock your items away safely at the entry point and they will be waiting for you when you're finished.


If you have or know of an event that would benefit from our portable locker service, please send us an email at info@TheLockerHouse.com  


  • As for me (a disabled vet), I started our Company - designed to provide secured locker storage for participants typically supportive of Give Back Events.  There will be 400+ storage lockers and a Changing Room mounted in our custom trailer for use your use.  The pricing (event dependent) will range from $5 to $25 (S, M, L, XL).