For Sponsors, Promoters and Organizers:


What The Locker House brings to the table:

  • 24' custom Trailer, set-up and ready to go in +/- 15 minutes 

  • 402 lockers in 4 sizes to accommodate small items - up to large bags

  • A perfect addition  for large events and a great solution for attendees at events with security limitations


We have developed a portable locker storage system that offers quick setup, professional operation and rapid relocation.  The definitive storage solution for your events and projects - The Locker House provides the perfect storage option, no matter what your needs are. Whether it is a sporting event, fair, concert, festival, or seasonal tourist location, The Locker House can manage the entire storage requirement.


The Locker House specializes in providing safe, secure and mobile storage solutions. We synchronizes the delivery, set-up, management and removal of our lockers. In addition to locker storage, we also provide cell phone charging stations.


With flexible pricing, we make it easy to work out an arrangement that fits each event’s needs.  Benefits of using our service:


  • Minimize event physical security concerns

  • Encourage your visitors to spend more dwell time 

  • Provides security and convenience for storage of purchased items

  • The Locker House provides this service, so you can focus on your many duties

  • Available for event staff to use

  • Available for vendor use

  • Unlimited user access during rental period 

  • Provides security and convenience for storage of personal belongings

  • Safe, secure, very convenient

  • Revenue Sharing Opportunities


For the Event Sponsors and Vendors - The second a guest walks into the venue and sees our Hot Pink locker system, they are moving towards it!  The actual usage process is simple and quick to safely store their items. As a result, event sponsors and vendors can more closely and promptly engage the customer with their brand offering by placing hand-outs, discounts and ads in the lockers for the guest to use - both before and after the event.


Sponsored Lockers:  Participants can also enroll for 'free' (sponsored) lockers online at our website - as a first come-first served. Sponsors and event vendors have the ability to add inserts, coupons, freebies, give-aways, discounts and more in their sponsored lockers. 


Free Public Relations - Sponsor a Locker:  One doesn’t have to blow the one’s own trumpet; let others do it for you - it's also more effective. A temporary locker for guests will promote discussion of the event and garner further publicity.  Attendees will update their social networks and blogs with where they are and what’s happening, spreading the event message to the target audience. (And you know how event-goers are big into social media!)