If you feel your event or location will meet the needs for using our mobile storage and cell phone charging lockers, please use the 'Contact Us' box below for more information regarding The Locker House's availability. 


  • Visit The Locker House website 'Events Schedule' page to ensure your event date is available.  Contact The Locker House to tentatively reserve a date. 


  • Once you have your confirmed scheduled date for The Locker House, as a site coordinator, you will work with our Event Coordination Staff and carry out the following responsibilities:


  • Schedule a site visit with our Event Staff:  To make sure your event goes as planned, please conduct the operational planning and coordination preferably 60-90 days prior to your scheduled event date.  Remember, sooner is always better.   


  • Arrange for a suitable location. The Locker House trailer must be parked on a level area with a (preferred) solid parking surface. The vehicle is 24+ feet long and requires at least 12-foot wide and 12-foot height clearance. Sharp turns in narrow areas cannot be made. Low tree branches in the parking area should be avoided.  The parking site should be near restrooms and electricity for use by clients and staff.  The Locker House maintains a generator for cell phone charging and onboard lights in the event electricity is not available.  If an event permit or a meter bagging permit is required, your Site Coordinator will be responsible for obtaining one prior to the operational date.


  • Publicize your event 60-90 days prior to the programmed date by distributing fliers, listing the event on your website (as well as ours and other communication channels - all can be linked online).


  • Ensure 50-100 people are signed up to use the lockers during your event, no fewer than 10 business days before your event date. If the minimum requirement is not met by the deadline, your visit will be subject to cancellation.  The maximum number of lockers that can be used in one day is 400, however, we have the ability to rent each locker multiple times!